1. A

    3 standing tickets face value - Brixton will sell seperately

    Due to a change in circumstances. Have tickets, will post or deliver if feasible, otherwise will meet o/s venue as I will be going.Please PM me asap Al (Brighton)
  2. L

    brixton bus tshirt

    unfortunately i missed out on a brixton bus tshirt at the show at the brixton academy tonight... i would be very grateful if anyone has one they could sell me.. please email me if so: [email protected] thank you, Anthony
  3. G

    1xStanding ticket for Brixton 07/08/2011 available

    Hi I have a spare standing ticket for Sunday's gig. If the buyer is in London I could meet to pass it on before Sunday. Just want cost. PM me if interested.
  4. ianw

    Fri June 4th - Meat Is Murder special at HDIF in Brixton

    Hi everyone, I decided to hold off on doing our Meat Is Murder special in Feb as there seemed to be a few other events then (understandably, as that's the month the album originally came out). But I still wanted to mark the 25 year anniversary, so here's our special. Hope you can make it...
  5. R

    I've 2 standing tickets for Troxy - want to swap for tickets to a Brixton show

    I've got 2 standing tickets for the Troxy show, but now I can't make the rescheduled date. I was hoping to swap the tickets for a couple of standing tickets for one of the Brixton shows. I live in South London, but can travel to any part of central London to meet up.
  6. S

    Morrissey Tickets 28th May

    I've got x4 Morrissey standing tickets to sell for Thursday 28th May 2009 @ Brixton Academy. I was going with a load of friends, but one of them is now getting married, hence no Morrissey for us :( £40 each - they are also listed on gumtree but not ebay. Cheers! Ben 07909968395
  7. D

    SELLING: 2x Brixton May 29th

    Hi everyone, I'm selling two Stalls Standing tickets for Brixton on Friday May 29th. They were given to me as a Christmas present, but unfortunately I can't make it. (l may consider swapping them for another London date, but would prefer to sell them, as it would be easier.) Tickets were £35...
  8. LuvMozzy

    2 tickets for 28th May- Brixton- can anyone swap?

    Hiya, bit of a long shot but I have 2 tickets for the 28th May and I've got something that's come up for that date (my book launch, in fact- but sounds more glam than it is!) I'd be happy to go on the 29th instead. I guess I need to find someone in the same boat as me! If not, sod the book...
  9. C

    Extra Ticket for May 28th London Brixton Academy Gig

    Extra Ticket available for May 28th London Brixton Academy Gig Let me know if you're interested. Selling at face value, need to pick it up at the venue night of, along with mine, then its all yours. Looking to keep it away from the money-hungry re-sellers outside.
  10. ianw

    May 28-30 - How Does It Feel To Be Loved? in Brixton

    I know most of you will have Quarry tickets, but just in case... We hold How Does It Feel To Be Loved? on the first Friday of every month at the Canterbury Arms in Brixton. And seeing as Morrissey is making a pilgrimage to our doorstep, it seemed rude not to put on three special HDIFs to...
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