1. ShyShy_Flower

    Hoax live nation stream

    Does anyone have any information regarding the possibility that these live nation stream links found on youtube are actually real? I'm not about to drop my card info on a shady site but maybe someone knows their way around the security measures... Here's an example...
  2. rivum

    Spring 2019 Canada Tour (8 dates) announced

    UPDATE: 9th show added: Vancouver Orpheum Theatre - second show added (Apr. 14, 2019) Just got notification that Moz is playing in Toronto at the Sony Centre on April 26, 2019 and April 27, 2019! looks like many other dates lined up too...
  3. rivum

    Morrissey will continue to never tour Canada again once he gets wind of this... excerpt: "For this holiday season, Tagaq’s record label, Six Shooter Records, is offering a vinyl edition of her Retribution album that comes with a couple of cuffs made from seal fur in support of...
  4. Gaetano

    Online stream of England Is Mine?

    Does anyone know of any sites where I can stream England is Mine? I don't live in the UK, so I won't be able to watch it in theatres. :)
  5. D

    Morrissey interview in Cult Montreal

    New interview (boycotting Canada, Smith reunion rumors, new LP etc) Morrissey on his Cdn boycott & indie career path - Cult Montreal by Lorraine Carpenter
  6. deryn

    Open letter to Morrissey; Come to Canada Morrissey

    Very few Canadians butcher seals. 4% are vegetarian now, and we could use more support. Furthermore, Morrissey, you have demonstrated complex views in relation to boycotts and sanctions with Israel. Can there also be a complex reason by with to come to Canada, if not just to rally in the...
  7. deryn

    Canada needs Morrissey

    Will Morrissey come to Canada on the next tour? I loved that Morrissey boycotted Canada for our seal hunt practices, but surely Morrissey can understand that there are many, less than apathetic people in Canada, fighting everyday and struggling for a better world. Collective punishment is...
  8. amyshewchuk

    Attention all Canadian Moz fans

    Please take the time to sign my petition to get Morrissey playing some Canadian shows. Even if your not Canadian and agree that he shouldn't ignore his Canadian fans. It would be much appreciated thanks. :)
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