1. Murder At The Wool Hall

    Autographed Morrissey 7", Smiths 7" and handwritten envelope

    I am considering selling the following : Smiths - William It Was Really Nothing 7" in rare Whitelaw sleeve with rare solid centre - Cover autographed/scribed in black crayon by Morrissey Morrissey - Interesting Drug 7" with solid centre - Cover autographed in white crayon by Morrissey Card...
  2. gretchenraine

    Eminem pics for charity

    Hi, I can't imagine that there are a lot of Eminem fans floating around a Morrissey website, but in case you know any Eminem fans and need to get them a gift....For $25 Marshall will sign a pic of him as Santa with you superimposed sitting on his lap, and all the money goes to his Marshall...
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