1. leatherelbows

    New Mike Farrell project

    New cabaret-tinged album, OWL SONGS. A collaboration from Mike Farrell and indie artist, Jilann. She recorded a previous "live" studio session project (Not Alone) with Mike Garson (of Bowie fame). I met Farrell and Jilann both backstage during Ringleaders tour, when they were working on a...
  2. fourphonica

    The First Ever Crowd-Made The Smiths Cover

    Hey everyone, We are happy to announce this great new project – the first ever crowd-made cover of There Is a Light That Never Goes Out by The Smiths. #Songblitz will run until 23 November where you have the chance to send your vocals to be featured in the song and star in the music video. The...
  3. Quiffaa

    Johnny Marr receives Mojo classic song writer award

    BBC interview Talking Shop: Johnny Marr The Smiths, Electronic, Bryan Ferry, The The, Crowded House and Kirsty MacColl, Just some of the many acts Johnny Marr has written songs with over the years. The former Smiths guitarist is currently a full-time member of Leeds band The Cribs...
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