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    Compendium of Morrissey and Smiths Tribute Compilations

    I'm trying to track down all of the V.A. compilations of Smiths and Morrissey tributes. I'm sure I'm forgetting several but here are the ones I know about: The World Still Won't Listen The Smiths Is Dead Please Please Please The Queen Is 25 Rockabye Baby A String Quartet Tribute To The...
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    Tried, Sighed & Died - Selections, 2013-17

    Being as I am - a fan of neither World Peace... nor ...High School (as whole albums go) - I made up this compilation and wanted to share the artwork, which features as its cover star the then-already-past-it Truman Capote :) (also attached, my personal track-list, though yours may very well be...
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    Smiths and Morrissey 1983 -2007

    Fixed. Some songs weren't downloading so moving them into zip archives. 1983-1984 Sixteen, Clumsy, and 1985 - 1987 We Were The 1987 - 1990 The Safe Way Is the Only 1990 - 1991 Rockabilly 1992 - 1994 When the Pubs All 1995 - 1997 Sadly, This Was Your...
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    The Smiths - "At the Beeb" (new compilation of sessions not officially released)

    With thanks for all the great music I've been given here and at smithstorrents, here's my attempt to give something in return: The Smiths – At the Beeb Radio and TV appearances (none officially released) various locales & dates 1983-1987 FM, soundboard and video-derived audio (from best...
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    The Smiths: The Queen Is Live

    I bring you one more album. This time, it's The Queen Is Dead made out of live tracks. I tried to find the highest quality and best sounding recordings to make this album out of. Tracklist (This should really go without saying): 1. The Queen Is Dead 2. Frankly, Mr. Shankly 3. I Know It's Over...
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    Moz: To Die By Your Side - live compilation

    In the spirit of Nature's Trick, here's another compilation of live tracks, this time Morrissey stuff. Again, I don't remember the dates. The recordings are mostly recentish though (2000s and 90s mostly). Tracklist: 1. Jack The Ripper 2. Ouija Board, Ouija Board 3. Cemetry Gates 4. Now...
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