1. libertine99

    some morrissey-covers

    hullo, sorry, im new here, hope thats the right section for this ^^ just if anyone's interested - a few covers Ive made (with a stupid drum-computer) (also I tried a "Morrissey-by-numbers"-song (You must die), I more or less failed though :) cheers, flo
  2. V

    My cover of Black Eyed Susan

    I figured I'd try picking the notes rather than strumming it.. this was probably the second or third take I kept:
  3. F

    Morrissey covers

    Hi everyone! Morrissey is my favourite artist, he's funny and honest, and I've recorded my own versions of All You Need Is Me (which is one of his best tunes, I think) and There Is A Light That Never Goes Out. All You Need Is Me: There Is A Light...
  4. theneverplayedsymphony

    Morrissey cover album

    In the Mozzer issue of Hot Press (a magazine I hate) Morrissey said that he would like to do an album of cover versions! Anyone have any ideas what songs he'd put on it? Apart from songs he's covered onstage, of course!
  5. motorways

    Quicksand cover of "How Soon Is Now"

    Hello friends. this is my first post. long time listener first time caller. i guess. please take it easy on me i really don't have much to offer that most of you wouldn't already have. though, i have never seen this cover here. and i believe it is brilliant. this is a b-side from the...
  6. Revol

    Placebo's cover of BMSA This may have been posted before, but... Thoughts? I quite like Placebo, but it shouldn't have been done.
  7. R

    Great Smiths Cover

    I came across a covers album by a girl a named Keri Florence who does a great version of There Is A Light That Never Goes Out. it's a free download here. well worth checking out, there's some other great covers on there as well. Does anyone know anything else about this girl or what else she's done?
  8. S

    Morrissey in Deutsch :rolleyes:
  9. vivabob

    idiot love cover morrissey

    :guitar:heard this on myspace a guy who makes music under the name idiot love have covered why dont you find out for yourself you can download it directly from the myspace page i think its better than some covers i have heard :guitar:
  10. Bigmouth

    Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me - cover

    Anyone here in posses of the McAlmont & Butler cover of "Last Night..."? Is it worth hearing? I really need to listen to all covers of my favourite Smithssong - haven't even heard this one :( If you have it, and you don't mind - then please upload. ´Thanks (I would acctually love to...
  11. B

    Req: Songs Moz has covered

    Does anyone have any of the original versions of the following: I Want A Boy For My Birthday (The Cookies) Golden Lights (Twinkle) What's The World (James) East West (Herman's Hermits) Skin Storm (????) Nothing Rhymed (Gilbert O' Sullivan) A Song From Under The Floorboards (Magazine)...
  12. klivert70

    Schneider TM - The Light (Remake)

    some will probably find this sacrilegious, i find it so very entertaining......
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