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  1. kleinhond

    Cosmic Dancer and the real story of the Morrissey vs Bowie debacle - stevepafford.com

    "I know he turned 61 in May but, together with some of his dodgier opinions on society, Moz has this curiously bipolar relationship with memorialising the person he cited as a “one-man revolution” that I can only put down to advancing years and/or desperately trolling for a reaction. In 1995...
  2. kleinhond

    When Morrissey met Marr: the story of The Smiths' formation - stevepafford.com

    Hello lovely forum readers, I'm Steve, the author of the BowieStyle book. As an aside I was the person who unearthed the charming pic of Moz and Bowie at Maine Road 1990 (following a tip off from Linder Sterling as it happens.), which was used for the first time in BowieStyle. I'm actually...
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    David Bowie live "Accidentally Unplugged" soundboard

    David Bowie Accidentally Unplugged incomplete Eight Songs Scary Monsters Seven Years In Tibet The Supermen Dead Man Walking The Jean Genie I Can't Read Quicksand Aladdin Sane soundboard collection https://www.discogs.com/David-Bowie-Unplugged/release/1241985 fixed link. report if it stops working.
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    David Bowie recordings to be released in October - Lazarus Cast Album

    Final Bowie recordings on Lazarus Cast Album Full article at link above. Three songs by David Bowie will be included on a cast album to be released October 21 IN ADDITION to this cast recording, there are David's own recordings of these 3 new songs - as recorded by the Blackstar band and...
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    Where can I find a video of David Bowie performing with Morrissey?

    Does anyone know where I can find video footage of Morrissey performing with David Bowie? Thanks a bunch.
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