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    live4ever.uk.com review by Richard Bowes - Dog on a Chain 7/10

    www.live4ever.uk.com/2020/03/album-review-morrissey-i-am-not-a-dog-on-a-chain/ "It’s an album of peaks and troughs, featuring both highlights such as the single Bobby Don’t You Think They Knows?, all chiming fuzz with Thelma Houston supplying attitude, glamour and bite, and the slinky, kind...
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    The Sun review - Dog on a Chain 4/5

    Can't find a link to their website but a glowing four star review in The Sun this morning.
  3. Uncleskinny

    The Guardian review by Laura Snapes - IANADOAC 2/5

    UPDATE Mar. 20: Link to online version posted by Radis Noir: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/mar/20/morrissey-i-am-not-a-dog-on-a-chain-review I'd say that's pretty generous, bearing in mind "f*** The Guardian"
  4. Nerak

    The Daily Mail review by Adrian Thrills - IANADOAC 3/5

    Good review from the Mail. We get a 'provocative views about race' & a 'tainted legacy', but there's been so much worse. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-8133217/Morrissey-really-does-new-tricks.html
  5. Shane D

    The Times review by Will Hodgkinson - IANADOAC (3 of 5 stars)

    Behind a pay wall - but states: "his best in years, but nasty with it" https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/morrissey-i-am-not-a-dog-on-a-chain-review-his-best-in-years-but-nasty-with-it-jxxqc9q3d
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    Maximum Volume review by Damian Sullivan - IANADOAC 9.5/10

    www.maximumvolumemusic.com/review-morrisey-i-am-not-a-dog-on-a-chain-2020/ by Damian Sullivan "‘The Truth About Ruth’ has some twinkling piano keys to open this quite dark refrain, a real kind of torch song. A fairly lengthy piece ‘The Secret of Music’ runs at just under eight minutes long and...
  7. davidt

    IANADOAC reviews - Associated Press, The Post Millenial

    Music Review: Morrissey delivers his best music in years - Associated Press by Mark Kennedy Morrissey stands tall, walks free with latest album - The Post Millenial. Link from Barrett. by Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson
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    Vinyl Chapters review by Victoria Pearson - Dog on a Chain 4/5

    The reviews will be coming thick and fast now. Most UK newspaper have their music reviews on Fridays but they tend to appear online the day before. This from a site called Vinyl Chapters. www.vinylchapters.com/morrissey-i-am-not-a-dog-on-a-chain-review/ Quite an odd review. 'Littered with great...
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    The Arts Desk review by Russ Coffey - Dog on a Chain 3/5

    Doesn't seem to carry a score. Reads like a 7/10. (UPDATE: star rating added) www.theartsdesk.com/new-music/album-morrissey-i-am-not-dog-chain by Russ Coffey (3 of 5 stars) Oddly, it reaches the opposite conclusion to the NME review i.e. that it gets better towards the end. "The album's...
  10. TonyMaroneythePony

    Riff magazine Alexander Baechle: IANADOAC review (March 16, 2020)

    mostly positive review, remarking on his mature efforts... https://riffmagazine.com/album-reviews/morrissey-i-am-not-a-dog-on-a-chain/
  11. Ugly Devil

    Albumism review by Libby Cudmore: IANADOAC 0/5

    https://www.albumism.com/reviews/morrissey-i-am-not-a-dog-on-a-chain Hilariously awful review. Related item: ‘California Son’ Is the Confounding Yet Captivating Work of a Charmless Man (4/5) - Albumism - May 28, 2019
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    Xsnoize review - Dog on a Chain 8/10

    A pretty comprehensive review from xsnoize (I'd never heard of them either!). www.xsnoize.com/album-review-morrissey-i-am-not-a-dog-on-a-chain/
  13. Famous when dead

    The Telegraph / Neil McCormick: Review of IANADOAC (4/5 - March 14, 2020)

    Reproduced in full as a gated article: By Neil McCormick. Morrissey, I Am Not a Dog on a Chain, review: as great as anything he has ever written Morrissey at Leeds First Direct Arena, March 2020 CREDIT: KENNY BROWN. "I do not read newspapers/ They are troublemakers,” Morrissey croons on...
  14. Ugly Devil

    XYZ Brighton / 'Edgar': IANADOAC review 5/10 (March 13, 2020)

    Another review https://xyzbrighton.com/music-reviews/morrissey-i-am-not-a-dog-on-a-chain-album-review/
  15. Famous when dead

    Louder Than War / Sam Lambeth (2nd review via blog): IANADOAC review 6/10 (March 13, 2020)

    By Sam Lambeth. Bruised and bloodied by mainstream isolation, Moz returns with another spirited but ultimately subpar collection of meandering misanthropy. https://louderthanwar.com/morrissey-i-am-not-a-dog-on-a-chain-album-review/ Regards, FWD. Related item: Louder Than War: IANADOAC...
  16. Ugly Devil

    Morrissey I'm not a dog on a chain NME review 3/5

    Morrissey – ‘I Am Not A Dog On A Chain’ review: his best album in years (if you can tune out his opinions) - NME Moz's 13th solo album verges on the avant garde, marking a bold departure. It might even be worth crossing the Twittermob line for By Mark Beaumont (3 of 5 stars)
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    Q magazine review of Dog on a Chain - 3/5

    New Q out today. 'Dog' gets a tiny review and a 3 star rating. Usual stuff - a very dodgy bloke but interesting/enjoyable music.
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    Music News / Fiona Dodwell review of "I Am Not A Dog On A Chain" (4/5 stars, March 9, 2020)

    Website Music News has published a review today of I Am Not A Dog On A Chain. Link: https://www.music-news.com/review/UK/14178/Album/Morrissey by Fiona Dodwell (4 of 5 stars)
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    Hot Press Review - "I Am Not A Dog On A Chain" (5 Stars out of 10)

    Hot Press Review- review indicates great album but looks like lost stars for political views MORRRISEY – I AM NOT A DOG ON A CHAIN- BMG 5 Stars/10 RESPECTABLE RETURN FROM INDIE ICON ISN'T ENOUGH TO ESCAPE BLACK HOLE OF HIS POLITICAL VIEWS Morrissey has a new album and fans are confused as to...
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    Dog on a Chain review in Record Collector - 2/5

    For reasons best known to themselves, Record Collector got the world's #1 Morrissey-hating journalist to review the new album. David Quantocks, who I believe was even once sued by Morrissey and forced to write a grovelling apology, gives it 2/5. In all fairness, he does quote an appalling lyric...
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