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  1. leatherelbows

    New Mike Farrell project

    New cabaret-tinged album, OWL SONGS. A collaboration from Mike Farrell and indie artist, Jilann. She recorded a previous "live" studio session project (Not Alone) with Mike Garson (of Bowie fame). I met Farrell and Jilann both backstage during Ringleaders tour, when they were working on a...
  2. C

    David Bowie recordings to be released in October - Lazarus Cast Album

    Final Bowie recordings on Lazarus Cast Album Full article at link above. Three songs by David Bowie will be included on a cast album to be released October 21 IN ADDITION to this cast recording, there are David's own recordings of these 3 new songs - as recorded by the Blackstar band and...
  3. G

    Vivien Glass

    Hello Morrissey fans! I adore Morrissey, he really means everything to me and is the reason I am vegan. I thought I would come here to share my band with you, I really would like to know what you think. I play the drums and sing the harmonies in an electronic 3 piece from London and we...
  4. D

    Morrissey interview in Cult Montreal

    New interview (boycotting Canada, Smith reunion rumors, new LP etc) Morrissey on his Cdn boycott & indie career path - Cult Montreal by Lorraine Carpenter
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