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    Stavenger, Norway gig thread

    Has anyone else booked tickets, flights, accommodation etc for this gig? I'm flying in from Aberdeen the day before. Any suggestions what to do in town? Morrissey meet-up?
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    Morrissey's Norway-statement: Animal-rights activism or just self-sabotage?

    Let me start by stating that I have the deepest respect for Morrissey’s contribution to animal welfare. He has converted countless of fans, among which my humble self, to eat less or no meat and has contributed enormously to growth of awareness in many societies. Now, there have been a lot of...
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    Why Morrissey wants to die alone

    The Norway massacre statement In Amsterdam we have a Zoo, the “Artis”, in which most of the buildings are protected monuments. You can therefore see the layout of the cages of 100 years ago, which were incredibly small. What was acceptable then, seems horrifying today. Empathy grows with...
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    Morrissey on Norway Massacre/Fast Food Companies - Bigmmouth Strikes Again

    Once again he shoots himself in the foot.
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