1. AmIStillIll

    Oscar Wilde book from 80's Morrissey photo's

    Hi All, first post so sorry if I've done this wrong. I've been searching for the book Morrissey is holding in these photo's forever but have never managed to find exactly what they are. Does anyone know what book it is at all?
  2. The dog just got tired...

    The dog just got tired...

    This was purely a random snooze moment today. Oscar as a pillow?
  3. bogdana

    The Finer Things Club

    This is a closed club. Only some of you are allowed to join in! We'll have to do it from our homes though since we're so spread out. I'm thinking that tonight, I'll be having some Cabot sharp cheddar with today's choice, Boordy winery's 2007 Riesling. How about you? As for book reading we'll...
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