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    30% discount on The Smiths & Morrissey Books - Some Rares

    30% DISCOUNT on The Smiths & Morrissey Books - Some RARES! At http://thesmiths.cat/shop/The-smiths-Morrissey-books Meat is Murder Original Tour Programme £38.50 The Smiths: Those Charming Men, Early Years £42.00 Morrissey - Kill Uncle Tour Book £35.00 Meat is Murder Songbook + POSTER...
  2. railwayvalidation

    Morrissey - Viva Hate Test Pressing

    H all, including vinyl enthusiasts. Does anyone have any more info other than what can be found on PJLM, regarding this 'Viva Hate' pressing? Many thanks. If you're lucky to have caught a show or have tickets to one, lucky you!
  3. M

    "What Difference Does it Make?" The Cartel Original Poster 12"x24" for £315!!

    Get the rare 'What Difference' Promo poster for £315! http://thesmiths.cat/shop/Smiths-original-posters/1984/What-difference-Smiths
  4. M

    Bigmouth Strikes Again Original The Cartel Promo Poster: 12"x24"

    15% DISCOUNT on The Smiths MINT Original Promo Poster Distributed by The Cartel 'Bigmouth Strikes Again'! Ending Price with coupon: £340 + P&P! Click into http://thesmiths.cat/shop/Bigmouth-poster-smiths 1. Add the poster to the Cart 2. Click on "Shopping Cart" appeared in a new bar...
  5. M

    Bigmouth Original Promo Poster 20% Discount

    'Bigmouth' Original Promo Poster 'The Cartel' 20% DISCOUNT using Coupon "DING" at Bigmouth Strikes Again Condition: Excellent Size: 12" X 24" (30cm X 60cm) Price: 320 £ (instead of 400 Pounds)
  6. S

    The Smiths Japan Mini LP - 6 CD Set - Rare OOP Unplayed, Unique Master Morrissey

    The Smiths - Japan Mini LPs RARE OOP 6 CD SET include: The Smiths - The Smiths - 1984 The Smiths - Meat Is Murder - 1985 The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead - 1986 The Smiths - Strangeways, Here We Come - 1987 The Smiths - Louder Than Bombs - 1987 The Smiths - Rank - 1988 Condition...
  7. M

    "The Smiths in Posters Exhibition" in Manchester, UK (July 4 - Aug. 31, 2013)

    UPDATE July 27: The event has been extended to Aug. 31, 2013. “The Smiths in Posters Exhibition” in Manchester The UK Premier Exhibition of The Complete Collection of ‘The Smiths’ Original Posters 4 July – 1 August 2013 Barcelona NQ Bar & Restaurant 6 Hilton Street, Northern Quarter...
  8. T

    Girlfriend in a coma 12" vinyl in RARE GREY TINT SLEEVE

    You are looking at a RARE copy of 'Girlfriend in a coma' 12" vinyl in a misprinted GREY TINT SLEEVE No.20 on The Smiths 100 Great Rarities List, I think you will agree, It would make fine addition to your collection. In excellent condition Not to be missed To make an offer please message or...
  9. T

    Morrissey posters

    Hi all i have bigmouth shakespear original cartel promo 12 by 24 posters plus loads more including sandi hand in glove . ex virgin employee contact me good stuff
  10. S

    DL Music Lesson * The Unreleased & Rare of Morrissey * demos 3 disc boxset

    a morrissey-solo exclusive. nothing you have not heard before but nicely re-mastered, equalized etc. perfect for sharing :guitar: Music Lesson * The Unreleased & Rare of Morrissey * Released: 2012 Boxset of Unreleased, Demos & Rare. Some re-mastered, remixed but all compiled onto one handy...
  11. S

    Reel Around The Fountain 7"

    There's a copy of the very rare Reel Around The Fountain/Jeane 7" test pressing for sale on ebay http://tinyurl.com/bu2vpnb
  12. D

    FOR SALE: Smiths & Morrissey VHS Collection - 46 Tapes! + Interviews & Rarities!

    Up for sale on eBay is my entire Smiths & Morrissey VHS Collection. There are 46 Tapes, and countless hours of rare footage! I simply don't have the time to convert these all to DVD, so I'm letting them go to a good home! :) Link Here's a list of what's available: The Smiths 1983-84...
  13. M

    Morrissey live at the hollywood bowl 2007 dvd for sale or trade very rare

    For anyone interested i have the extremely rare and hard to come by pro-shot DVD MORRISSEY LIVE AT THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL 2007 that was set to be released by Warner Music and then pulled at MORRISSEY'S request. Very few Warner promo copies were released of the final edited complete pro-shot show on...
  14. T

    Require: Pashernate Love soundcheck Nassau Coliseum, Long Island NY November 1992

    PLEASE send a link for that lovely soundcheck captured by Long Island Alternative radio station WDRE from Nassau Coliseum Nov 1991. PLEASE include the complete air chat that included the coverage of that nights show that accidentally caught the RARE RARE RARE complete soundcheck of this song...
  15. Illness is Art

    For sale two 12" SMITHS lps Best offer

    Hey! I am selling The Smiths - William It was really Nothing Marbled Vinyl.*This is the 12" vinyl EP William it was really nothing from*The Smiths.*Marbled coloured vinyl. Made in Germany, # INT 125.219. No. 72 from The Smiths 100 Greatest Rarities (Record Collector June 2005).*Very...
  16. nothappynotsad

    Hand In Glove NEGATIVE SLEEVE 7" for sale!

    http://www.retro-smiths.com/index.html I just stumbled upon this site and it appears to have quite an amazing selection of rarities! I am not the seller or anything, I just felt like sharing.
  17. P

    super rare Morrissey Glamorous Glue promo 7''

    Calling all Morrissey fans! For the release of Glamorous Glue, Morrissey's label have issued a set of promotional 7''s which are completely unavailable in the shops. I've received one from a completely genuine source within the industry and currently have it available for sale on ebay. I'm told...
  18. Ben

    Rare Louder Than Bombs sheet music book - auction ending soon

    Hi Everyone, This collectible has recently been posted eBay if interested: Rare 1987 official Warner Bros. Music Limited music song book The Smiths “Louder Than Bombs”. The song book contains the sheet music and guitar tabs for the 24 classic tracks off the fantastic “Louder Than Bombs”...
  19. T

    Very silly question about downloading torrents

    How long should it take to download a torrent from smithstorrents.co.uk? Mine seems to take billions of years using Final Torrent. I'm a newbie to the whole thing.
  20. T

    Rare Smiths Videos?

    does anyone know any links or downloads for the following rare videos; -the Smiths on Y.E.S. playing What Difference Does it Make? and This Night Has Opened My Eyes in 1984 - Barrowlands 1985 videos or audio (I have the Hand in Glove Video and the What's the World? Audio already) - 8 Days a...
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