1. SomeTotallyRandomMozFan

    L.A. Smiths/Moz Con - Sunday 3/29/2009!

    Tickets in Stores Next Week.........On Sale NOW at:
  2. C

    Misspressed Louder Than Bombs LP?

    Hi i was browsing though records at a local shop and stumbled on a copy of louder than bombs so decided to pick it up. To my surprise when listening to it at home, there is a missing side. Side two of the double LP is instead side 3. Side 3 and 4 are correctly pressed and so is 1, but side two...
  3. B

    First Manchester Smiths Convention 1988 programme

    The SMITHS CONVENTION MANCHESTER 28 & 29 JULY 1988 - VERY RARE PROGRAMME Ebay Link The first Manchester Smiths convention attracted Smiths fans from across Europe and became the blueprint for annual international event. Morrissey allegedly agonised over whether or not to attend...
  4. N

    Need two Sandie Shaw versions to complete the list

    Hi, I was hoping someone here could help me out - I'm missing only two songs from the PJLM Smiths checklist, both obscure Sandie Shaw versions. They are: 1. Hand In Glove (alternate mix, 2:59) - from Tokuma Japanese CD release of the first album. This is probably the rarest one on the list...
  5. Morrissey the 23rd

    The Smiths live at The National, Dublin 1983
  6. R

    Great Smiths Cover

    I came across a covers album by a girl a named Keri Florence who does a great version of There Is A Light That Never Goes Out. it's a free download here. well worth checking out, there's some other great covers on there as well. Does anyone know anything else about this girl or what else she's done?
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