1. The Truth

    Samantha Markle, come on down! You're welcome to post here

    I think @davidt should invite Samantha Markle to post here. #Freedom Samantha Markle Is Under Investigation For Cyberbullying October 28, 2019 / Posted by: Kristian 179 The Mirror UK says that Duchess Meghan’s half-sister Samantha Markle is in some trouble with the law. What for...
  2. A scanty bit of thing


    Urbs, I feel like you don’t have enough bad habits to get you through the day. When my best friend in high school kept trying to kill herself, i think the 4th attempt if I’m remembering this in order, they locked her up. Then she tried to slit her wrists (while locked up) with the (not...
  3. D


    Does anybody remember him?
  4. Uncleskinny

    Internet Arguments/Trolls

    We all argue over the Interwebs. We all know trolls. We've had our share here. There's a very nice thread over at New Scientist's Last Word Forum about net rage and trolls. In the print edition, there's a link to a cartoon that sums it all up very nicely indeed, without words. Peter
  5. Helen Bach

    Why are some people so dull?

    Why do some people spend so much time grumbling about other people? For instance, they come on here searching for something to moan about. "You shouldn't say that" "That's not fair" "That's" "I don't like what you said" "That isn't true" "No, you can't sleep with me" etc Instead of...
  6. Years Of Refuse


    Today, 04:57 PM Not Right in the Head American, idle Not Right in the Head's Avatar Join Date: Nov 2006 Posts: 16,467 Default Re: Pregs Quote: Originally Posted by Years Of Refuse Look dipshit . it has nothing to do with winning , it is a simple matter of manners and whether you are...
  7. Years Of Refuse

    Kiss Or Poo ?

    You decide .
  8. J

    Money Money Money

    When did Moz become Donald Trump...damn...this is so boring now...delayed release of what will be a poor record...releasing horrible singles...dissing Merck who really was so good to Morrissey.... The new record should be called Morrissey: Years of Grumpiness He is really ready to move to...
  9. raincoated lover

    The 'I'm Going on Holiday Soon' Thread

    I'm going to Portugal tomorrow. Have to leave at 5AM to drive to East Midlands airport for check in at 7. Going for a week and have foolishly decided to pack the night before - have thus realised I am missing quite a few of the bare essentials/haven't converted my money. It's gotten so...
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