2 tix Sydney Opera House 4th row Sat 22nd December

Hi, still no word from dad. I'll call him tomorrow and see what he thinks and post back here.

Bethany, I really don't like the idea of pushing you towards ebay and scalpers, but with limited tix...and still at a small margin of the 2 grand offer, you and your friend can pick up tix in at least row B up front via ebay right now.
At the moment scalpers are at $600 for 2 tix in row B. I don't see any other alternative to getting to this show with such good seats. I would not condone you or anyone paying any more than $600 atm which in itself is bloody high!
If someone was to try and charge you more than $600 for 2 tix I'd be suspicious of them making a small profit from you while they grab the ebay tix for less, if that makes sense.
Hey sorry for the continuing delay. Probably should've forethought the whole long weekend thing and my dad works in a hospital with zero reception. Very hard to catch.
I'm pretty sure he got my first message and it's probably best he sit on it for a few days anyhow, to have a good think about it. Monday night, I'll be back! ;)


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thank you, if it goes on too long my options diminish (and there aren't many to begin with!) hope to hear from you Monday, cheers
Okay. Finally heard back from my dad. He needs to talk with his partner about it in more detail and he won't actually talk to her properly till Wednesday. So I'll hear from him Wednesday night or Thursday the latest. Hang in there!
I've kept an eye on those other options, and the number of tix has stayed mostly stable though recently went up by two. My brother was right, dad likes the sound of Morrissey's voice but was never a fan in the sense of owning any of his albums. My dad also mentioned his partner didn't know who Morrissey was when he mentioned the name...he went on to say he was the singer of the Smiths to which she replied, who are the Smiths? Deary me. I also took the chance to say he shouldn't feel obligated to come along...and that I won't get stuck with the tix or anything...so yes/no it won't bother me either way. I tend to think all that info is working in your favour so far lusty though time will tell.
HEY....the tix are yours :)
Just talked to my dad and he's passing on them.
How do you want to do this?
I think you already gave me your email.
I can send you a screenshot of the Opera House receipt.
I can get off my lazy ass and hook up the printer/scanner/copier tomorrow AHHHHH no I can use a camera and email/send you a picture of the hardcopy tix.
Then I guess I can give you my paypal info or bank details?
Tix cost me $251.90 make it a flat $252 and I'll pay the rest for either Express Post or Registered Post - whichever one you want.
Actually, registered is probably best right? I'd rather you have to sign for something.

Happy :)


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what can I say? you are a goddamn f***ing legend! I'll give you $300, the least I can do. I'll chat to you in the next few days to discuss the finer details, thank you so much!!!! ([email protected]) xx
thanks for the kind words and your email address that was indeed not present in the thread or PM as I once thought.
I just sent over an email with an array of words and some pictures...of tickets :)
Hope to hear from you soon...whenever.
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