7. The Smiths, 1984 - Best Glastonbury Headliners (27/6/2019) - Shortlist

Best Glastonbury headliners: the greatest Glastonbury performances of all time - Shortlist

7. The Smiths, 1984


Morrissey 1984 interview on YouTube
Long before Glastonbury was commandeered by posh twentysomethings in designer waterproofs and £100 wellies, it was widely accepted that Pilton’s premier festival was for proper hippies.

That’s who made up the unreceptive crowd that greeted Morrissey, Marr and co in 1984. And while it was by no means a set worth recording and releasing on Betamax, it spawned what must’ve been the world’s least threatening stage invasion and helped to alter the course of the festival towards what became known as indie music, eventually turning it into the cultural behemoth it is today.
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