Alain Whyte: You Are The Quarry listening party via Twitter - 8pm UK time (May 24, 2020)

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Thanks Pep.
Not sure if it's my browser but I'm seeing 4 empty posts by FWD...or are they placeholders??

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Happy birthday to @Mozmar
Alain's insightful comments are always welcome. Great thing for a sunday night.


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Thanks again FWD for putting this together in proper order. It's not easy to compile these in chronological order.

And really interesting content by Alain. Class act!

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It's funny that he said they always played Crashing Bores too slowly. When they first played it, it was faster than it ended up being on the record. I remember not liking the Quarry version for that reason.

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Moz decided to slow down the tempo on numerous tracks. Crashing Bore is the most prominent example. Nearly all the live versions from 2002 still sound superior to their studio brothers.

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