Any good looking dark haired skinny males on solo

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I'm a petite brunette looking for co-dependancy, Marmite on toast with tea, potential suicide partners, and maybe something more serious. 'Hit me up'.


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you know I am m'dear xD


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Hi. My name is "ForgetMe". I have dark brown hair, brown eyes, am slim, and am about 5'11. I enjoy late night walks on the beach. The smell and sound of the ocean calms me, so if you want to have a nice relaxing night, you know where to take me. I love old French films and many others for that matter. I also read and like to write. If you can speak French, then you have the key to my heart. Or Italian. I adore them both. I'm a hopeless romantic. I love white roses, both the resistance group in Nazi Germany, and actual white roses. My friends refer to me as a "people person" but am also rather awkward and I feel rather shy at times. I'm very emotionally closed and will most likely push you away if you get too close. If I sound like the right guy for you, I'm sorry.


just askin'.

my kind of thread. :thumb:
We seriously should start a dating thread on here. So all of us who are desperate enough or just for fun can describe what we're looking for.

from what ive seen and heard, we don't need to make a specific site for moz fan dating...this site how it is works fine enough, apparently

If I sound like the right guy for you, I'm sorry.

:lbf: love it
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