asleep (emily browning cover)


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what you think i deteched autotune other than that its ok ps the uploader put a video at the end of justin beiber getting shot from csi just ignore it

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One of many songs no one other than Morrissey should sing.


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I think it's quite good. I like it.:thumb:


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i quite like it. i think it may even be better then Stars version. but in the end.... NO ONE can trump the original.


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I nearly freaked out when I heard that piano playing and thought it was the Smiths, but sad to realize it was a cover. A shitty one. Although the movie wasn't all that bad.

Oh my god. it's Robby!

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I was a bit distracted by my some part of my anatomy going:
"dude, its that super hot chick from "Australia" :eek::p
but after that, I could see it was not very good, not terrible though :straightface:
she could become a real good singer given more time :guitar:
currently though :o she is a extraordinarily beautiful young woman with an average voice
I give this recording a C+ :thumb:


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Just heard an interview on the radio with Emily Browning, she said Morrissey has heard her version of 'Asleep' and he likes it. Emily said Morrissey is "good friends" with the movie director Zac Snyder and she got the role because she named the Smiths as her favourite band during her audition.

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Thanks for that tidbit - good to know Synder and Moz stayed in touch since he directed the video for Tomorrow wayyy back.
Still curious about whatever happened between James O'Brien and Morrissey...

Cover of Asleep is probably about as good as you'll get in this day and age of music, particularly in the mainstream. It is missing the part of the original that's not dark. What I mean is, Morrissey's delivery contains more than just a 2D "I want to die" feel.
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