eh im george im new im quite shy but just wanted to get that out there lol..but yeah whats everyones favorite b-side from the mozzeR?


thank you. hmm i didnt even get to say which ones were mine

1.a swallow on my neck
2.the edges are no longer paraellel
3.sister im a poet


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Hairdresser on Fire, was a b-side, right? That's mine. And of recent time, I am really liking "I Knew I Was Next".


i think it was..i knew i was next is a good one..i think that the youngest was most loved got the best b-sides of ringleaders


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Nobody Loves Us (How was that relegated to a B side? It's magnificent.)

I Am Two People

Jack The Ripper

Whatever Happens, I Love You

Sister, I'm A Poet


Will Never Marry

Oh, Well I'll Never Learn

Hairdresser On Fire

Teenage Dad On His Estate

And I'd like to welcome you too George except you've posted more than me so you might want to welcome me instead!
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It's all good
My favourites are Lost, I Can Have Both, Ganglord, Teenage Dad On His Estate and Jack The Ripper.

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1) Nobody Loves Us
2) Swallow On My Neck
3) Disappointed
4) Sister, I'm A Poet
5) Teenage Dad On His Estate
6) The Edges Are No Longer Parallel
7) Ganglord
8) I Can Have Both
9) Jack The Ripper
10) The Never Played Symphonies
11) I've Changed My Plea To Guilty
12) I'd Love To
13) Christian Dior

God, what an album that would be!


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In the little poll we're doing now Jack The Ripper is the clear winner of best b-side so far. It will be interesting to see where Nobody Loves Us, Sister I'm A Poet or Never Played Symphonies end up.

Best B-side (so far):

1) Jack The Ripper, rating: 9,29
2) Hairdresser On Fire,rating: 9,02
3) I've Changed My Plea To Guilty, rating: 9,00
4) Disappointed, rating: 8,83
5) Friday Mourning, rating: 8,37
6) I Know Very Well How I Got My Name, rating: 8,33
7) I'd Love To, rating: 8,32
8) Lost, rating: 8,28
9) I Can Have Both, rating: 8,23
10) Lucky Lisp, rating: 8,22
11) Ganglord, rating: 8,15
12) It's Hard To Walk Tall When You're Small, rating: 7,88
13) Girl Least Likely To, rating: 7,80
14) A Swallow On My Neck, rating: 7,74
15) If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look At Me, rating: 7,64
16) Have-A-Go Merchant,rating: 7,56
17) He Knows I'd Love To See Him,rating: 7,47
18) I Knew I Was Next, rating: 7,42
19) Good Looking Man About Town,rating: 7,33
20) Let The Right One Slip In, rating: 7,25
21) Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice, rating: 7,24
22) A Song From Under The Floorboards, rating: 7,22
23) I Am Two People, rating: 7,14
24) Human Being, rating: 7,10
25) Heir Apparent, rating: 7,00
26) Christian Dior, rating: 6,87
27) At Amber, rating: 6,76
28) Cosmic Dancer, rating: 6,51
29) East West, rating: 6,46
30) Black-Eyed Susan, rating: 6,41
31) Get Off The Stage, rating: 6,10
32) Journalists Who Lie, rating: 4,77

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Hello George, nice to meet you.

I must be one of the few people here who absolutely adore "Sweetie-Pie".

Actually, i like most of the Ringleader B-sides...except for "Christian Dior" and "Human Being".

"Skin Storm" is another favourite...

There are just too many to mention.


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Jack The Ripper, It's Hard To Walk Tall When You're Small, Hairdresser and Sister I'm A Poet.

Oh and were can I find 'Nobody Loves Us' ?


its been a pleasure meeting you all..and hearing your b-side favorites i feel right at home here..rather than in a town where im the only one who actually knows who morrissey is.


Most of the Ringleader b-sides are really good, my favourites are Good Looking Man About Town and Sweetie-Pie. Of the older ones I like I'd Love To, I've Changed My Plea To Guilty, Jack The Ripper of course, Will Never Marry, The Never Played Symphonies, Disappointed... these are just off the top of my head, I'm sure there are many more.


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1: The Edges Are No Longer Parallel
2: You Must Please Remember
3: Lucky Lisp
4: A Swallow on My Neck
5: Such a Little Thing Makes Such a Big Difference
6: Christian Dior
7: Whatever Happens, I Love You
8: Nobody Loves Us
9: Jack the Ripper
10: Hairdresser on Fire
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