Benefits of Smoking

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I suppose my previous post applies to vultures like you.


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As Joe Strummer said, smoking is an aid to work. Edison would have given up trying to invent the light-bulb long before he succeeded had he not taken ten minutes, every now and then, to sit down, relax and smoke a cigar. I believe that non-smokers (or, at least, non-smokers who are all too eager to complain about smokers) should not, by law, be allowed to purchase or use any product created by a smoker.

meh, i wouldnt miss it
Re: hmmmm

Very childish observations indeed.

I don't think smoking is cool thing to do.
Many of my friends who smoke (or used to smoke) told me that they started smoking because they're often looked down by adults.

Smoking doesn't make you look cool, but fool.

Even though I agree with you, that was one of the lamest things I have ever read.


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Oh not a fan of Nugget Nectar.

Right now I'm really into Magic Hat's new one called Whacko. It's made with Beets and it's bright red :thumb::guitar:

And on the smoking topic

I've never had Nugget Nectar.. it just brings out the pervert in me.

Beets? Beer and beets? Beets?

Smoking.. good thing to do when drinking.

Drinking.. good thing to do when awake.

Hmm.. there could be some transitive math in there but I was drinking and smoking the day they taught that.
one benefit is when you're a smoker you're not a nagging non smoker.
the ones i hate the most is non smokers in smoking areas being smug that they don't smoke.

Oh my god. it's Robby!

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i am quitting smoking again on the 14th actually


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Has anyone else noticed, that in bars and cubs ( in the UK at least) that, since the cigarette smokers have been shunted outside, the Inside REALLY smells of piss, which is trodden in on peoples shoes from the toilets???...
( The Cigarette "fug" also used to mask some scruffy swines rather whiffy B.O. Problems....).
OOPS! Now THEY will be banning toilets in pubs!!! And sweating!!

Yes! Pubs smell of vomit and mucky carpets nowadays. I'd rather breath in fag smoke anyday and I'm a non smoker.

Oh my god. it's Robby!

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I want to know where to get your Smilies.:cool:

i generally just steal them when i see them in somebody else's post or at a site, i just copy them to my desktop then add to my photobucket :o
sometimes they delete my smilies though :mad:
like my hitler smiley and one just with a guy shaking his hand in a lewd manner :D

Oh my god. it's Robby!

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Re: hmmmm

sometimes i dont read all the posts in a thread before i post actually :straightface:
i do this for a number of reasons, some of which i shall now list:

1. often my 1st post in a thread is really only an initial response to the thread starting "post"
2. sometimes a lot of posts are on my ignore list :eek:
3. i sometimes get in a "test taking groove" when i am posting here :guitar:
and since i often correctly answer test questions without reading the whole question, then why should posting to threads here be any different? :rolleyes:
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