Best Moz solo gig you've been to and you wish you'd have been to?

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You wish you'd have been to: wolverhampton gig in 1988.

The Best: 4 October 1991
Hammersmith Odeon, London

"As the crowd started making their way out of the venue at the end of the show, the remaining people could see that the events of the evening had left the seats in the first four or five rows smashed to pieces."


One of my fondest was Leicester De-Montfort Hall in 1991. It was the last night of the second leg of the UK Kill Uncle tour. The detail on 'passionsjustlikemine' baffles me, as it was a great night and everyone I saw in the pub afterwards thought so to. Also, as has been mentioned, the Move Festival at Lancashire County Cricket Ground was a highlight.

Like Edith, I have no regrets.
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Best was Utrecht, may 1991. First time seeing Morrissey and remember feeling quite nervous. Other Paris, nov. 2004. Driving 5 hrs, missed support, seeing Morrissey with great setlist and then driving back 5 hrs.
Wished I had gone to Wolverhampton 1988. I seriously considered going, but in the end it was too much of a hassle coming from Holland.
Fav gig was Sheffield City Hall this year as there was no barrier and i was leant on the stage dead centre, shaking hands with Moz several times. Also had a great day that day meeting other fans and friends

Wish id been at Blackburn 2002, at this time i didnt know Morrisseys music, and supposedly it was one of his best shows my hometown


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I will also add Bristol Colston Hall 1992, Aston Villa Leisure Centre 95, Blackpool 2004 and G-Mex 2006.

I went to both birthday UK gigs but they seemed more events than gigs, if that makes sense, and I thought at the 50th Moz was struggling. Emotions, voice blah de blah. Still I was a sweaty mess after.

Others I wish I'd been to? An LA gig, Rome and a Dublin one (that time will come)


Rome, Ostia Antica Tormentor's Tour

Seeing Moz play in a Roman Amphitheatre, the (many) stage invasions, the ancient ruins and later (much later) drinking the hotel bar dry...

The gig itself wasn't the best quality (you can listen to bootleg 'Passonlini is Me'), however, undoubtedly one of the best venues Morrissey has ever played.

It also coincied with 20th anniversary of my first Smiths gig on that day which made really special.


Only been to 3 and they were all this year (1st night at Brixton, RAH, and Ally Pally). They were all brilliant, but Ally Pally stands out.

Would obviously love to see him in Manchester, and regret not getting tickets for one of the birthday shows.

The Tel Aviv gig a year or two ago, going by the reports and youtube vids, sounds like it was sensational, so would have loved to have gone to that. I was in Israel last summer; bit annoyed that I wasn't there the summer before.
Mesa, AZ - 92 (my first!)
Tempe - 99
Portland - 00
Phoenix - 02
Salt Lake City - Zephyr Club - 02
LA - Wiltern gigs - 04
Tijuana - 07
Pomona - 09

I couldn't just pick one!


Great Yarmouth 09, first one i'd been to for years (had tickets for the cancelled Roundhouse shows & RAH) plus i was born in Great Yarmouth so made it more special.
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cambridge corn exchange 09...gave him a prezzie, got a finger tips touch( couldnt reach 4 a hand shake) :( caught a drum stick!!;) one very happy girl!!!!!

rock city nottingham 2000?2001?? cant remember!! small venue,, one regret..didnt push to the front!!

wembley arena kill first time!!!

i wish id have got to manchester 50th birthday gig!!! xx


Hammersmith 91 was certainly one of the best, but also most of the boxers tour in 95 Aston Villa where I got to meet him for the first time and got paid for this privilege and Croydon when he changed the words of YTOFMF to include my name very happy days.


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One of my top favorites in terms of overall fun: Dublin, June '08
Most emotional: RAH, Oct '09
Wish I had gone to: Dublin, Nov '09

I met someone in Dublin in August '08 who had sold tickets for the Dublin June '08 show:eek:; I resented him for that. Wish I'd met him sooner.;)

I first saw Morrissey on my birthday in San Francisco in 2007 - and nothing beats the first time.
...But I was closer in LA and so that was great as well.:p


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Glasgow Barras Dec 1992 - my first
and Glasgow Barras May 2009 (1st night) although the other 17 didn't disappoint to be honest....last years birthday gig was lovely but the crowd wasn't as good as I hoped.

I wish I had been at Wolverhampton but I was 11 so it was unlikely and I would love to see him in Italy someday so the Rome one as well....


Re: Alexandra Palace, 2009

For a thousand reasons but at the end of the show he said:

'Thank you for being Macbethian,'

The rest is top secret . . . ;)

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Leeds academy 09 was fantastic, great atmosphere.Went to Liverpool Echo the week after and got moved to the front seats for a great night...then some arsehole.....
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