Billie Joe Armstrong says working with Morrissey was an "honour" - NME

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Billie Joe Armstrong says working with Morrissey was an “honour” - NME


Billie Joe Armstrong has called working with Morrissey an “honour” after the pair’s collaboration was released yesterday (April 8).

The Green Day frontman teamed up with the British singer on a cover of The Fifth Dimension’s ‘Wedding Bell Blues’. The track is set to appear on Morrissey’s upcoming covers album, ‘California Son’, which is released on May 24.

In an Instagram post, Armstrong wrote: “Hey y’all! I had the honour of sharing a microphone with Morrissey on a song. Unreal! Thank you Morrissey! You are truly a legend.”


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its not me its you.
its certainly not a duet,billie just said they shared a microphone,by saying its a duet makes it a bit more sinister for billie.journalists who lie,who would have thought.


user number 440 from 1997
You guys forgot that broad on November, Margret O’Malley something?

PS Kristeen masturbating doesn’t count as a vocal collaboration.


She related to that dude that never went to the moon but claimed he did then came clean and told us all he never did?
california son info

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