Boulder, CO show cancelled - Gustavo in hospital following collapse

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Morrissey's show in Boulder canceled as keyboardist Gustsvo Manzur remains hospitalized following a collapse. Band won't play without him


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Morrissey's Boulder Theater show canceled as band member collapses - Boulder Daily Camera


"It is with great regret that tonight's sold out engagement with Morrissey has been cancelled to due to severe illness of a member of the band," wrote Z2 Entertainment's director of marketing, Darlene D'Agostino Beck, in a statement. " We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and hope to announce a rescheduled date soon."

UPDATE Nov. 15:

TTY: Boulder (Gustavo update, tour to start again in Detroit?)
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The public cant complain about him, even though i know some people will blame him (i dont know how this could be his fault but you know they will try to say it is), he at least went there and explained the situation himself. Hope Gustavo is doing well.


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This was handled with grace and tact by Moz and co. Bad situation all around. I hope they can play a makeup date soon.

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Obviously first and foremost I hope Gustavo is okay. Under the circumstances Morrissey coming out to talk to us was impressive. I'm sure they are all shook up.

That being Morrissey "batting average" is pretty bad. 2 for 5. It's getting comical.

I hope the show is rescheduled...but if not I will be at the next Denver area show (and beyond).


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I have been critical about him not properly explaining why gigs have been cancelled in the past so it's nice to see him get out there and explain what has happened.


oh my :( hope everything will be alright.

although, i have to think how special that would've been if moz had actually just stood there and discussed the ways of the world.

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That was very kind of Morrissey and it shows how loyal he is to his band. And to the fans, as well, for personally explaining the situation. I hope Gustavo feels better soon and that it's nothing serious.


I have been critical about him not properly explaining why gigs have been cancelled in the past so it's nice to see him get out there and explain what has happened.
I think it's very wise he did come out, otherwise with his history a lot of people would think Moz was behind the cancellation, and Gustavo was covering for him.


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can see mozz getting choked up,they spend so much time together that there is no way he could perform a show without knowing if his pal was ok.very good that he explained the situation and lets hope they can rearrange.gustavo looks like a good guy so hope hes back on his feet again soon.


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Can only echo what others have said. Dealt with well by Morrissey and hopefully Gustavo makes a full and quick recovery.

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Hoping Gustavo makes a speedy recovery.
Listening to Morrissey here, and that photo the other day with the fan who passed away soon after, we're reminded of his good heart. Don't forget it, haters!


I think this announcement on stage really shows who Moz is. An emotional man who tries to deal with a bad situation by using humor to ease himself and everyone else ("I can stay here and we discuss Donald Trump").

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