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Hi there. Has someone had problems shopping Moz merchandise from Bravadoline Europe?

I have :(. I ordered two "Pizza t-shirts" TEN weeks ago, and haven't received them yet! I called their Europe office in Germany and talked to an incredibly rude man who offered no answers, no delivery date, and no solutions. He refused to give me his name or let me talk to the manager.

My credit card has already been charged for the items, but still no stuff. I think bravadoline US and UK are alright, but man, their Europe office has provided the worst customer service I have ever received.

I just want to know if anyone has had problems with them or I was just terribly unlucky.
I've had the same problem with the same shirt! I ordered from the UK, no one answers the phone or e-mails. I'm trying to figure out who at Sanctaury (who own Bravado) to contact. If you have any thoughts let me know.


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So the UK Bravado is as bad as the European huh? I'm afraid I won't be of much help to you.

I assumed you've called this number 44 (0)1639-849335 ? What I did was e-mail the bravado e-mails I could get a hold of: [email protected], [email protected]. After that, I got an answer from them telling me that they would send my parcel as soon as they got the t-shirts from their manufacturer.

I got another e-mail last week saying that they would "possibly" get the stuff next week. So I guess their only manufacturer failed to deliver on time. Whatever the reason, their service is shameful.

I wish you luck with your t-shirts. I however will never shop with them again.
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