"California Son" review by Lauren Murphy (3/5 stars) - The Irish Times

Morrissey: California Son review – Covers album for fans only, and Moz himself (3 of 5 stars) - The Irish Times
By Lauren Murphy

Another review, this one somewhere in the middle. It starts thus:

"Even for many die-hard fans, Morrissey is not the artist he once was. That has less to do with his music and more to do with the baffling oscillation of his political compass, so perhaps it’s just as well that there is no new album of original songs to decipher and analyse. Instead, a long-awaited collection of covers comprises his 12th studio album."
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Completely disagree that this is an album for fans only. If anything this album may have more broad appeal to the general public due to the choice of covers. Especially fans of 60's/70's rock, pop, folk
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