"California Son" review in Metro (3/5 stars)

Reads more like a 4/5 ending:
"Moreover, he seems energised by it all. The interpretations are for the most part sensitive, distinctively his own, and in a couple of cases — Buffy Sainte-Marie’s Suffer The Little Children (an intentional Smiths echo); Lenny’s Tune by Tim Hardin — approach the definitive. It seems to have done Morrissey a rare power of good to deal, for a change, with things he actually likes. "

It's the second review here after The Waterboys - www.metro.news/music-reviews-the-waterboys-where-the-action-is/1567373/ (3 of 5 stars)

By David Bennun
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That's a nicely written review. (I suspect they've taken a star off because of...you know.)

(Also, hurrah for Mike Scott and his wandering, rambling, neverending Waterboys project!)


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One of the best reviews so far, very well written. Thank you for your insight David Bennun.


at least we now know it's somewhere between 1/10 and 9/10
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