Calling all Morrissey fans in Hull


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Hi all,

Not an attempt at spam but as a fan I thought my fellow Morrissey fans would like to know of an event pre-gig on Tuesday in hull:

Morrissey Mania at Odeon Hull

Tuesday 19th


Come down to Odeon Hull before Morrissey lights up the stage at the Ice Arena and enjoy a few pre-concert drinks in our bar. or if you didn't manage to get tickets come down and comiserate with some fellow fans! We'll be playing songs from right across Morrissey's amazing career from The Smiths to his many solo albums.
It is sure to be a great night for all with great value drinks in comparison to the Ice Arena.
So whether you will be celebrating to the sounds of "all you need is me " or comiserating to "heaven knows I'm miserable now" make sure you do it at Odeon Hull.

I hope to see you there!

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