Carpool Santa Barbara to NM


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So, my plans have changed drastically since I last made a carpool thread. I'll be leaving the 18th, Friday morning (exact time undetermined), from Santa Barbara on my way down to Moreno Valley (taking the 101S to the 60E) to pick up my friend for the show in New Mexico. From Moreno Valley we'll drive straight to NM, and probably just get in line upon arriving early in the morning there (about a 12 hour drive). If anyone needs a ride from the SB area to LA, Moreno Valley, or all the way to NM or from LA/Moreno Valley to NM, let me know. We plan on driving straight back to Moreno Valley right after the show so my friend can make it to work and then I will be driving back up to LA (so if you're willing to drive back right afterwards you could get a ride back from where we pick you up). I know I got responses to my last thread, if any of you are interested still I'd be very very grateful if you email me!

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Thanks! :)
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