Morrissey Central "CHART PROGRESS" (March 23, 2020)

Morrissey Central: "CHART PROGRESS"


Having been UK Number 1 on Friday, Morrissey's I Am Not A Dog On A Chain is today number 2.

With the closures of HMV shops, please note that online orders are still being fulfilled by HMV, Amazon, Spotify.
Your support is appreciated.



Vegan Cro’s parents regret the condom splitting
Denying facts now, loon?
It is at 3 now and will enter at 3 tomorrow in the OFFICIAL UK Album charts. As only his 7th album ever. Facts! Gotta love them.

Thewlis, you have just liked a post by the site retard who claimed the album has been number 1, so not sure you can talk about facts?


Vegan Cro’s parents regret the condom splitting
Reported for abusive behaviour on the internet. Do you behave like this in real life???

Do you go around telling people you dislike their comments just because they don't agree with your opinions, in real life?

Vegan. Cro. Spirit. 888

Radis and Surface are both moronic Skinny trolls. Thats how they were programmed by Skinny himself.
i am not a dog on a chain info

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