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November 10 Morrissey Concert In Chicago Postponed

Due to a visa administration error, Morrissey’s lead guitarist is unable to perform in the US this week. Thursday’s sold out concert at the Congress Theatre in Chicago has been rescheduled for Saturday December 17, 2011. The issue is out of Morrissey’s hands but it will not affect Monday’s concert at the Majestic Theatre in San Antonio, nor will it affect the rest of the tour.

Morrissey 2011 US Dates

11/14 San Antonio, TX @ Majestic Theater
11/15 Austin,TX @ Bass Concert Hall
11/17 Dallas, TX @ McFarlin Memorial Auditorium
11/19 Santa Fe, NM @ Santa Fe Center
11/20 Phoenix, AZ @ Orpheum Theater
11/22 Escondido, CA @ California Center for the Arts
11/25 Las Vegas, NV @ The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas - Chelsea Ballroom
11/26 Los Angeles, CA @ Shrine Auditorium
11/28 Pomona, CA Fox Theater
12/01 Oakland, CA @ Fox Theater

Morrissey 2011 Mexico Dates

12/05 Monterrey @ Arena
12/07 Mexico City @ Plaza Condesa
12/08 Mexico City @ Plaza Condesa
12/10 Puebla @ Auditorio del Complejo Cultural Universitario
12/12 Guadalajara @ Diana
12/13 Guadalajara @ Diana

For More Information Contact:

Aleix Martinez, [email protected], 212-989-2222 ext. 136
Sarah Avrin, [email protected], 212-989-2222 ext. 118


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They should have hired in a replacement for a gig or two. I've been practically dreaming of a Tobias-less Moz gig for years now.


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I can't do this anymore..Its like a sick joke that I keep putting myself through over and over. I'm up to about 15 cancelled shows now. People I know are flying in from all over the country.


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it's Boz. Why the f*** would Jesse need a work permit he is an American citizen

Oh, it's Boz :(. I just read "lead guitarist" and assumed it was Jesse. No need to be such a twat about it.
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I, for one, am relieved in a way. I have had the weeks from Hell -knee deep in a very stressful house sale/move... and this was not the best timing, but I was ready to party hard -and still will at the Devilz gig. :cool: You know Moz could borrow their guitarist. (he has all his papers ;) :guitar: I'm prepared to freeze my arse off in the queue on Dec. 17 but bummed I have to wait to see my Moz Posse and I hope most still come to town for it... but I will understand if not. Sorry, peeps. :(
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Good thing I cancelled my refundable hotel room last night in favor of a non-refundable Priceline deal. Not much of a "deal" now. The jokes on me. Again.

At least the airfare was free through rewards.

This is really disappointing though. I was really ready for this trip. Doubt I'll be able to make it out on 12/17.

Feel bad for those coming from a lot farther away. I know there are many.


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I live only a couple of blocks from the Congress so my only issue is having to wait for another month. I feel bad for those that have/are making the trip from out of town. Hopefully those of you can still make your visit to this great city enjoyable.


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To anyone in need of refunding your Chicago tickets, mail them to Ticketfly Attn Returns - PO Box 78026 - San Francisco, should call first at 877-4-FLY-TIX so they note your account..


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Jesus, in light of the situation (tons of strangers from all over counting on you to stand on a stage and strum a guitar) you'd think they could pull a few strings down at the Visa office? It's not like he's a risk to be an illegal immigrant or anything? :squiffy:

So sorry for the people whose plans are all effed up now.


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I'm sure Craig Gannon is available and just a phone call away ;)

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They should've referred to Boz as "band leader". Morrissey has said himself that Boz is captain of the ship.
Hope Chicago date is rescheduled.


Call me morbid.
Rented a car to drive from Toronto for this.

Wouldn't be such a bummer if seeing moz didn't require leaving the country/booking days off/flying or driving hours/finding accommodations.
Spending hundreds of dollars every time is getting a bit much.

Thanks to those of you who expressed understanding in how frustrating/disheartening this can be for some of us as opposed to the "quit whining" mentally in the comments outside of the forum.

Hope all of you still able to attend have a great time.


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The latest in a long line of excuses. Hilarious really. Still at least it has been rescheduled.

I take it due to Boz not being in the US of A the band and Morrissey haven't rehearsed since August? I would have thought they would have needed to practice at least once? On that basis seems like Chicago would have been a trial run and not a fantastic gig.

After the Mexico dates where one expects Moz to be in his element the new Chicago gig will be a much better experience.

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It would seem that someone who makes a substantiation part of their living traveling the world, that they would have their VISA ready ant any given moment, or at least a month or more prior to a scheduled business engagement...but what do I know.
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