Chrissie Hynde states Morrissey supported her decision to go solo - Manchester Evening News


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Morrissey supported my decision to go solo: Chrissie Hynde on embracing life alone - Manchester Evening News


“Morrissey’s been a real support,” says Chrissie. “He really encourages me in the right way – I look up to him because I like the way he does things.

“He’s very mindful; he won’t even play on a bill if he doesn’t like one of the artists. Whereas I’m kinda the opposite – I’d play a garden shed, and that puts out a negative message that you’re not important.

“I think he never wanted to be out of his band either – he loved being in a band. So maybe misery loves company, and if there’s anyone who would be a purveyor of that, it’d be Morrissey! He wants me to walk the plank with him!”
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nice. im not a big fan just a mild pretenders fan but i do enjoy seeing people being brave and taking risks. i like risky as i cant see then point of living your life in fear. makes me sick to my stomach. hope it goes well


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I saw her this tour. Assuming those were vegan Doc Martens she was rocking. Not that it mattered she did not preach at all and was more concerned about camera phones.

Fabulous concert.


neat. always cool to have some insight into someone interesting


Good for you Chrissy now go and get yourself a Julia to run a zine on which you can send out silly communication to your loyal fan base. Oh and don't forget to treat the fan base like shit with a few cancelled gigs here and there. Always remember to bash the Royal family especially Kate Middle-class it's her fault the world spins round.
Another good piece of advice never meddle with the private dancer it's not big and it's not clever.

What is going on with these two? Moz invites Chrissie to sing on a few songs and then has her sublime vocals buried in middle earth … Chrissie records 'Everyday is Like Sunday' and hides it on a soundtrack to a duff movie. WTF. When are they going to record 'Some Velvet Morning' together ...


I bow down to Ms Hynde. Last of the Independents and Break up the Concrete are great albums by The Pretenders . Go Chrissie go, into the solo world !
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She's a very ordinary songstress, who, I fear, Morrissey would deride at pace, were she not a Peta activist / vegetarian.

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