David Cameron is PM



Perhaps this thread should also be titled 'Track a Goose'? What we need now is a comment on this semblance of a fiasco from Morrissey. :squiffy:

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An ex editor of The Sun's Bizarre column is now our
Prime Minister's official spokesman.
oh dear.

Sheridan Whiteside

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there are some bad bad people on the right.

a dark cloud has been cast over the UK. Lets not forget the tories total neglect of anything northern. 1 seat out of 59 won in the north east - and they now decide on what we do........how does that work?


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ANN SUMMERS have just
received their biggest ever single order for lube.

300,000 bottles ordered by the Tories as they prepare to screw us all
for the next 5 years.


anon x

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Cameron looked shit scared arriving in Downing Street.
GB gave two great leaving speeches.


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Son of a Stockbroker!
His wife is the daughter of a Baron.
His mum was the daughter of a Baron.

His first act as PM has been to appoint George Osbourne as Chancellor - he's the son of a Baron.

Vote Clegg get Cameron :mad:


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Diddyman Osbourne over uncle vince?
This is getting worse

billy scissors

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I was expecting "scum" overload on here.All I could here on the tv coverage was a crowd shouting "tory scum!".Cock-rots

By the way , hello darling Wendy
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vaca peluda

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Tory f***ing scum.

Tory f***ing scum.


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