David thrown out of Copenhagen show! Question?

what did you f***ing idiots used to complain at in the cambrian period when we used to tape the top 40 every sunday?

thanks for your hard work DavidT, this was a great site (well it still is even if Ive not used it much lately). Shame about the man himself, its tragic how it all turned out, though somewhat inevitable i suppose.


it hasn't
Re: The pigsty rule

Sadly JoanOfArc still does not understand a simple forum rule.

In December 2008 a sub-forum, the pigsty had been added to off-topic where is designed to have flamebait / mud slinging match without destructing legitimate discussions in other forums.
Because of this rule all the users are asked not to insult other users outside the pigsty.

JoanOfArc thinks this rule is a form of censorship which is incorrect.

People who have very little vocabulary seem to have difficulty expressing their feelings / opinion in civilised manner.
They often start repeating the same old swear words which is very sad indeed.

Just curious, are you a robot, or are you just blessed with no personality?
Oh the success of the Pigsty! You all must be so proud. It makes Irish Blood English Heart going in at number 2 look like chickenfeed.

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Re: David deserved to be ejected by Morrissey.

David got thrown out of the venue. Morrissey got thrown out of our hearts. Who got the raw end of the bargain?
tseng down
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