Does anyone have detail on BMG reissues?



So IANADOAC is really good and on the way to top all of the end of year polls:D and with the likley end of the BMG deal i wonder how the re-isssue program mentioned, I think by MorrisseyCentral, would work. Does anybody have any information on any potential release details or even if these are going to happen?

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There has been zero information since November 28, 2019. The only mention anywhere of it was from:

Anecdotal information: the pressing plants are still up and running - so anything that might have been scheduled could be made, but logistics and everything being closed or only focused on essential items will have an impact.
Sounds like optimism from the industry supporters though - Vinyl Alliance covid statement:


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I'm not too optimistic that they'll see the light of day, as great as his new album is, it didn't sell very well. Maybe if they were vinyl only and limited to 5,000-10,000 each I could easily see them selling out.
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