Does being a popular member on this forum make you a better Morrissey fan?


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No, Morrissey fans work hard and struggle, popular people can cruise through life on their looks and easy going manner. where's the inner torment and deep thinking in that.


get the f* out of my lawn
you wont fool the children of the revoluuuuuuuuution, no, no!

Oh my god. it's Robby!

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Hiii! I wondered where you were, hadn't read any comment by you in a while :p How are you? :)

oh, i missed your reply, sorry :o
anyways, i was fine that day and tired this early morning :sleeping:
as for the topic of the thread, i think it really depends on what is meant by "popular" because really in general, with something as abstract as an internet forum :rolleyes: people here rarely form much lasting positive sentiment for the names they read on the screen :straightface:
they are much more likely to project their own shit on other members :eek:
then there are those that are that do this without making themselves look like a "bad guy" whatever that means :crazy:
and there are those few of us, like me, who really dont give shit about our imaginary forum popularity rankings*:nopity:
we are here for us, not others...
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