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I absolutely adore her "Rockferry" single, I've been playing it all day. Might buy the album. What are your thoughts?


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I heard her song 'Mercy' a while back and I surprisingly enjoyed it. I think she's got a good voice, but I think it's too derivative for me to buy a record.


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She isn;t bad, but its text book record company jumping on another bandwagon

To be fair if you want to listen to that kind of the music, why not just go back to the classics


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You don't like my signature?

I used to listen to Suede a lot, but I think both The Tears and Anderson's solo record were enough to convince me that they're a memory best left in the 90s. The list of people Butler's worked with since leaving Suede rather undersells his talent as a guitarist and songwriter, so I hope this girl does well for him, I just don't see her lasting.

Who's the man in your avatar? I like it btw

Thank you, it's the actor Steve Carell, as Michael in The Office (the American version - which I happen to think is better than the English original :eek::p)

Make that 2 weeks then.

She's Shakin' Stevens daughter.

It just goes from bad to worse for this girl doesn't it? :(

Like her father: very fanciable.

I agree, she is smoking hot - although that is not a term I would use to describe her father...:sick:

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