First Moz/Smiths Gig?

What tour was your first gig part of?

  • 1982-1983 debut gig to debut album

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  • 1988 Wolverhampton Civic Hall

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  • 1995 Promoting "Southpaw Grammar"

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between "meat is murder" and "the queen is dead", feb. 1986, Queen's University (Whitla Hall), belfast. they definitely played "bigmouth... " and possibly "there is a light... ".

i was 14 and i lost a shoe. 'twas good! (apart from the shoe bit)

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I was at Leeds Warehouse in late '83 when I saw them 1st. Didn't go specifically to see them , but it was our regular haunt anyway.

But was impressed enough (+ from the radio sessions they had been doing at the time) to go back to Leeds Uni - it was early 84 according to the archives - to see them again.

didn't see them again in the north but saw them twice in the midlands over next year or 2. I think it was Coventry Polytechnic and probably Warwick Uni, but I'd need to check the books for gig listings.

Can't recall much detail due to time-lapse.


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Bloody hell this makes me feel old , March 1984 Mayfair Newcastle ,also seen them on the Tube around this time truly great time .
Got into them off good old John Peel RIP , went to Carlisle later that year
Probably my favorite gig was the City Hall gig at Newcastle the following year for Meat is Murder tour stunning all flowers and old cardies :)
The rest is history and as many gigs as possible ahh nostalgia


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Originally by Lottie;

"PALLADIUM 21st MAY 2006,
the 'birthday' gig (ok ok so day before but to us and him it WAS his birthday)
Was lucky enough to get FRONT ROW SEATS!!! And centre stage ones too,...."

Waaaah, 21st Palladium for me too. I'd only just started listening to Morrissey and hadn't been to a live gig for YEARS. Something made me go to the theatre even though I didn't have a ticket and it was "sold out". I got a front row too (to the right side).

I was surprised to see such a range of ages represented and the experience as a whole was fantastic. People were so lad tapped me on the shoulder and asked "do you mind if I take your place at the front for a few songs" cause he hoped to get a handshake! How could I refuse. :)
Mind you there was some fierce struggle for the thrown shirt..:rolleyes:

It was touching to see people handing over cards and gifts at the end, how thoughtful.

I've since listened to other Morrissey music and renewed my aquaintance with the Smiths stuff.

It's been an experience......:)

what a first time experience!
the shirt thngy, the first one came right over me, the guy behind grabbed it and shoved it in his rucksack, he wouldnt even let us sniff it...
with hindsight i really really wish i hadnt ducked, i just saw shirt flying and thought of shit, shirt fight, so i ducked even though there wasnt really the area for a fight, i just didnt want to grab it and lose it, but now i know if only i'd used my height advantage i could have grabbed it with one hand.
*kicks self*


Love Me Outside!
oh and jjst because a lot of us didnt see him till last year, doesn't mean were all children, i was desperate to go on quarry tour but couldnt.
1991 wembley, i remember girls were crying:)


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I wish I could remember my experiences of seeing Morrissey last year as clearly as you! The first time at Manchester Apollo, me and Lilybett had drank rather alot of gin beforehand and had been prancing about tescos in Fallowfield, buying daffodils singing Smiths songs and ignoring the anti-morrissey comments from the other customers. Unfortunately our flowers were confiscated at the door. After drinking yet more beer when we got there, we came over a bit emotional when he came on (well i did anyway) and even though I can't remember it all that clearly, I know I had a good time! More fun was had at the Brickhouse afterwards, despite me getting one of my infamous gin headaches, we met alot of interesting characters that night! G-mex in December, I was even more drunk and spent most of the gig being drunk and stupid and annoying my faithful companion, lilybett. I can remember even less of this one, but again know it was good! The long journey from the G-Mex to the Star and Garter (it felt long in heels) consisted of Lilybett refusing to talk to me for ruining it for her and me repeatedly saying to her "The more you ignore me, the closer I get" and me falling over in Spar. But the night was good in the end, Lilybett got as drunk as me and my first time in the Star and Garter was ace!


My first one was Sheffield in May 06. Couldn't find anyone willing to be dragged along to an evening of poetry and decorum (philistines) so for once in my life I was brave and went on my own! It's trag, I know, you don't have to tell me. Anyway, still got drunk and made some friends heh. And met this guy with whom I had a two week... 'thing' ahaha but it wasn't very good and ended with my flatmates saying they'd seen him on Crimewatch and me turfing him out

Yeah, the May 06 Manchester one with Steph was the best. We were sooooo excited as we got ready/drunk in her room, like "I wonder what Morrissey's upto he's just down the road!!!?" And the whole palaver about the daffs and our shitty "banner" lolll

Hmmmm yah the 22/12 GMEX one was...memorable! :D I remember constantly saying "look! It's Morrissey! He's in the same room as us! Look!!" but the only thing that truly got her attention was the removal of the shirt haha "you're fit, Moz!". I think Steph's kicking herself that she can't remember much of that night...actually. Seriously. Really. Could. Not. Believe. Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice. Now that is a niche enthusiasm but def one of mine. Pleased as punch :D

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Paramount Theatre in NYC, September 18, 1992. I had been following Morrissey fervently for a year and a half and at this point was a fanatic in the truest sense of the word. At the time I was friendly with the girl who did the Depeche BONG fanzine and she convinced me to take the empty seat next to her up the front. The gig was insane; violent, dramatic and passionate all at once... but unbelievably short. It sounds contrived, but I'll never forget Morrissey looking right at me for about 10 seconds while singing November. Unforgettable.


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My first show was Mozs first proper solo gig in National stadium in my home town of Dublin. It was a quite remarkable night littered the stage so much so that Moz fell and slipped many times. I will never forget the atmosphere as the lights went down.....totally dark and suddenly on the stage a massive quiff had arrived like a messiah. People were going mental to get on stage a la Hulmerist and Dallas. It was quite an occasion nearly 16 years ago. The band were fairly awful to be fair.(it was their first gig to e fair) anyone who has heard the bootleg will testify.even Mozs voice wasnt a patch on where it is now. Great Memories!!!!!

I have been blessed to see him on every solo tour since sometimes more than once Quarry 4 times and Ringleaders 5 times. Every gig is special in its own way so i dont particularly have a favourite


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22nd of December 2006

I spent all day outside the gmex on the 22nd dec waiting with my 13 yr old daughter. The idea of seeing Moz was just too much. Meeting wonderful people that i still exchange cd's and bits and pieces with. Waiting for 3 hours inside 2nd row from the front (because the people with the blue wristbands got there first) The build up was tremendous, the butterflies inside, the anticipation *sigh* Hearing the soundcheck outside.

Moz appeared on stage and i was spellbound, the crowd surged forward i was breathless. That was the best time ever, it was hot and sweaty the crowd went crazy but i loved it, i loved the crush of bodies, Moz being within 6 feet away from me, the photos i took are emblazoned in my mind, it was the best day of my life.

The worst part was when my 13 yr old daughter tapped me on the shoulder and told me she felt sick (she didn't look too good) a couple of huge security guys pulled her out from the crowd and i saw her being taken away. (Moz had just left the stage after throwing his red shirt into the crowd) I went nuts and was dragged out backwards by two huge guys and i wish it was when Moz was still on stage, it would have helped if i could have at least stretched out and touched him. I still think back now and wish that he was still on stage when i was dragged out*sigh* I then spent the remainder of my first Moz gig inside the first aid room. I made it out just as the encores were starting and i bought my Key ring and t-shirts and i also missed my train home.

I will see him again and i will go on my own. My daughter was too young for the front. It was my fault.


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1 may 1991, vredenburg in Utrecht

it was surreal, energetic ... and amazing that he formed a live band
so quickly, and had to learn 20/30 songs

anyway a evening who'll never fade away


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Still waiting.

Come on Moz, you can't ignore us forever. :(


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Barrowlands, Glasgow 1986 Quite liderally changed my life!!!!!!!!!


Royal Albert Hall, summer 2002 (the first of the two dates).

Great gig.

Best gig was probably Brixton Academy later in 2002.
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