Happy Birthday Morrissey! Morrissey turns 60 - May 22, 2019

Ketamine Sun

Is this the official wishing Morrissey a happy birthday thread?

Because if it is...

Then I wanna officially wish Morrissey a happy 50th :rolleyes: birthday !!!!

And thank him for his latest... the amazing .... California Son !

L ... U ... F ... F... you !!!



A scanty bit of thing

I only have eyes for youuuuuu, Aztec!
I also luff you Mozzypants, and I also wish you happy 50 cookies in your happy pants on your birthday. And some boys. Some happy boys with some happy cookies in your happy birthday pants. Singing cookies. Like Ket says.

Happy Birthday! With my love, and Im borrowing Ket’s cookies.

So, with all my love and cookies!! For you, and only you.

Hoping your happy 50th brings you 50 times everything you ever wanted. And many more

PS sorry about this super shitty site still, huh! But I hope you are side-eyeing this hell, just like Whitney would!


Your prostate is fooked by now but I wish you an unhappy birthday from Sweden cause it's not like you enjoy them. Thank you for always knowing that insults are the biggest sign of affection.

Lovely to see your political awareness only got better with the years and that you always dared to voice your opinion no matter what.

If you have a spot on your body that has not been kissed yet let me be the first.....


Americas behind, which is no surprise.

old softie, it’s the best he can do!
I can do a lot of things like burp and fart and be smart. The best Kinder egg you've ever had.

They are hard to insert and smuggle into prison.


Hey, how’s it going?
Happy Birthday, Morrissey! Thank you for so many years of unforgettable music and shows, way more than we deserve. ❤️


Active Member
Happy, happy birthday dear Morrissey! I wish I was gifted enough to put into words what you have given me and all of us, but I can say Thank you!!

I have never been alone because of you and you music! I feel so grateful that you are still making albums and I still get so excited for every song and every show, even after all these years. Thank you!!

Have a great day...what ever that means...

With much love...


Morrissey Lover
Happy Birthday Morrissey ! You and your music mean the world to me. I love you and again Happy Birthday.

UncSkinny spirit #999

Happy 60 years of racism and Nazism you f***-knuckle arse-gravy shit-nugget cock-womble. Absolute arse-felon. Anyone wishing him happy birthday enthusiastically endorses genocide.

Off to watch Fifteen to One. I'll be back later to remind you all of how racist you are.


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