Hello from the far far farrr East of NYC: Sydney

Hello to all you long time strangers and to the few people here that do know me...how so?
I love de Morrissey voice and lyrics and the other day I happened to come across details of an upcoming tour of Australia.
So like many down here I eagerly awaited the presale for tix to the Sydney Opera House.
He's also playing at another venue which is smaller and known as the Enmore theatre.
With only enough money for 2 tix to one show I decided on the Opera House gig.
It's not the greatest concert hall for electrified music but it still that 'something' about it.
So a couple of days ago I eagerly awaited 2pm to try my luck at some tickets.
Low and behold the site crashes and I got to the point where it said, "enter the presale code in the box to continue."
Very frustrating to read that while there's no box on the screen!
Hours passed and then seemingly out of nowhere it worked.
I got 2 tix in the stalls section row D. With a limit of 4 tix I decided to go back and put 2 more in my cart to see if there were any better seats out there.
My jaw drops as the site crashes again! But alas...I hot the back button and my 2 tix were still there.
So I jumped on them. Went through the whole process...and then the site seemed to go down again.
How fortunate can one be!
A few more hours pass...and still curious to see if the site was still down.
More than often than not it was (in this day and age...seriously...why such organisations can't impliment an IT strategy
to withstand the load for a concert where demand was surely understood even before the gig was booked)
But anyhow the site came back on for a few minutes...and a couple of tix popped up. Row B. Slightly off centre to the right.
Me being me I grabbed them. The row D ones were more left than left of centre.
It's just in my nature to want the best where possible.

So that leaves the dilemma of the extra tickets.

a) find 2 friends who want them. Which won't happen because most ppl I know don;t care for Morrissey or even more so, don't know he even exists. Sad but true.
b) I could just take the cost on the chin...go to the gig. Go inside and wait by the door near the very back...and just give the tix away for free and make some couples day/night.
c) stick them on ebay at face value. BUT what about scalpers buying them and reselling at absurd prices!
I think the only way I can sell it on ebay is to say I won't send the tix in the post but rather meet the buyer on the night at the gig. A scalper won;t buy them then...
and a true fan would. There's also the possability that a scalper could 'buy' the tix and string me along acting like a fan so leaving me out of pocket while they take out 'my' competition on ebay.
d) It hit me this morning that I could find a Morrissey fan forum and put the tix out here and hopefully pass them on to a fan...so they'd have to have a fair few posts count so everyone knows they're legit
and not just a scalper cruising this forum.

Soooooo truth be told. I love Morrissey and his collection of work but not enough to take part in a forum about him. Except to sell these tix and where possible know they're going to a fan. Bit of a blow in I guess you could call me.
So that's why I'm here.
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