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Hey everyone I'm not sure where to put an intro thread but I figured this would be the best spot! Well anyways I best introduce myself! Well you could say I'm a relatively new Morrissey/Smiths fan, I've known OF them for quite some time, and I hadn't realized that 'How Soon Is Now' was a smiths song until a few months back, but I've always absolutely loved that song. Well the other day while searching Youtube I found the 'forgiven Jesus' video and needless to say my little Moz obsession began :blushing:

I've never read lyrics that I can so deeply relate to, that's whats gotten me so hooked on Moz. I really want, nay NEED to go to a Morrissey concert, there's one coming up I just hope that I can get the money to go, curse ticketmaster prices!

This place seems really nice so I decided to go ahead and join, well I best quit my rambling! :]

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