Morrissey Central "I TRIED LIVING IN THE REAL WORLD" (December 22, 2020)


Video is by Paul Joseph Watson.

Tag line:
"Pubs closed. Christmas cancelled. Borders - still open!"

Watson has featured here quite a few times and has mentioned Morrissey in attempts to gain an interview, seek Twitter trending and commenting on multiculturalism amongst other things.

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Aubrey McFate

Lonely in Barcelona
It’s unsustainable: Paul will be swigging soya milk before you know it.

That's the only hope left to be had at this point: that Morrissey might rub off more on them than they on him. Unfortunately, I think he only has a vague "mascot" status with them, not artist status. He'll be useful but not influential.


Reverse Ferret
Are you really bothered about the elderly millennial????????

It doesn't help journalists think of Moz as sane or respectable, but otherwise who cares?

It's like worrying about Jeffree Star or Zoella


Reverse Ferret
what did you get me for christmas, karen?

A young Moz trying to stab himself with a microphone stand.


Light Housework

It's easy to say that Morrissey isn't showing due regard to the people he patronises, but how many of us can say that we're unscrupulous in the people we choose to associate with? I'm sure many people have suspect friends. You can't vet everyone you meet. You can't know everything they stand for and everything they've ever uttered. I know that in my circumstances at the moment, it's more important that people spend time with me than what they're outlook on life is. Let those who have the luxury of picking and choosing their friends get on with moralising. Some of us are just happy to have a friend. We can't pick and choose.
Yes, people who can choose their friends are extremely lucky.

Hovis Lesley

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This year (for next) I have tickets for The Who, The Lightning Seeds, Lionel Richie, James and Simply Red.

I demand a retraction.
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Anti-Moz Army Is Your God

You used this same grave/toilet line on @Skylarker a while back and I had to laugh because it's so demented but it's also pretty #basic and I don't think you should recycle it so soon. It does remind me of vintage solo, though.
Typical reply from someone hurt by the truth. Can’t wait to hear about your pathetic last words. “M-m-mommy, I-I-I...” *cough cough cough* 💀🤣🤣🤣🤣


Tell me what drugs does Moz like.
I only imagine a Moz intoned not a "borrachin"Moz,for me Moz knows how to drink,and alcohol inspires his art,and he becomes super mystical he has mystical charm....
But sometimes i want kill him😏😏

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