Interlude plus a few others


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I came across a CD that my dead best friend made me a very long time ago...which I never listened to (and I don't know why). So I loaded it on my iPod and was pleased immensely, having heard the songs that I heard. Interlude is on there and you can hear where the cd skipped on the song, (there was no way to correct this). Also, for some reason it is listed as playing 1:11. Can anyone pass on the song Interlude.
Also, I saw the 20th Anniversary of Bona Drag. I haven't heard:
1 Happy Lovers at Last United
2 Lifeguard on Duty
3 Please Help the Cause Against Loneliness [Demo Version]
4 Oh Phoney
5 The Bed Took Fire
6 Let the Right One Slip In [Long Mix]

Anyone have those morsels of sound they they could share?
Please please please let me get what I want!
bona drag interlude
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