Is there a 'real reason' why Morrissey and Johnny Marr never worked together again?


D Felton

I actually think a reunion would be a big disappointment anyway.

As it is, The Smiths are dead, frozen in time, flawless.

"No, they can never touch you now..."

Let's keep it that way.

P.S. Whilst I don't doubt the 2008 meeting happened, given that it was in a pub in Manchester it beggars belief that no one recognised them and took sneaky photos. They haven't been pictured together since 1987 and it would have been nice to have seen a photo of them.
Meeting was in pub around Altrincham-Hale-Bowdon.
Not the metropolis of Manchester
More refined there and would be hidden amongst the footballers wives etc


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While I used to wish for a reunion years ago... I've come to the same conclusion. Does anyone really want to see them reunite just to be a nostalgia act? If you want to see that there's plenty of footage on YouTube. Now one thing that could make it not entirely nostalgic is new material... but that could get pretty dodgy and a good way to ruin the legacy.

Good question on why there are no photos of the 2008 meet-up. Smartphones were not as prevalent, the iPhone was only released in 2007 (I know phones before that had cameras)... but maybe it's not that no one recognized them as much as their privacy was respected as local boys in the pub?

I would love to see a serious documentary on the Smiths like the Velvet Underground one by Todd Haynes.

Ben Budd

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A fan on here mentioned the 'pub meet' at the time, long before it was reported and I think they said it was the Griffin in Bowdon. Johnny just said it was a nice pub "near Morrissey's Mum's", which fits the bill.
Thanks Amy.

Griffin is where Morrissey was papped summer just gone during the Euros, wasnt it? Seems to be a favourite.
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