Is there someone you secretly fancy on here but would be too shy to divulge who?

Drew a swallow

deep and blue
No, but girlafraid23 is clearly the best looking person here.

j funk
I always make it known. I may stop this habit though.

Actually I did have a dream about MunchyBrain where she was actually quite fit and we agree to put our politcal views aside and get it ooorrrrn. But I'm pretty sure this doesn't mean I have a secret love for her, cos she's quite minging I think.


You never fail to spot weakness of others. :rolleyes:

I've noticed that this person that shouldn't even be here has lots of opinions on other people's behavior on the boards. He also seems to have given up trying to promote himself as a fun guy.
....obsessed ...with dave ..dave=bitter .angry old man bomchickawahwah buzz lies crush on dave i love teeth!!! iluvu2cassius im not lying not me nugz luvs dmb shawnxvxismine
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