Johnny Marr And Hans Zimmer will score new James Bond movie No Time To Die




didnt you watch the trailer it already has the james bond music on it FFSdoh:

maybe :handpointright::guardsman::handpointleft: will go from theater to theater and play his:guitar: behind a curtain
running from place to place with his new NIKE shoes what a scandal:straightface:
With Sniffy Le Pew now off with his nose running his feet must smell. The scandal it is. NIKE offers him corn nuts between breaks as a promotion for good behavior and a job well done. :oops:

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I always thought Morrissey would have been a perfect singer for a 007 theme song but he probably wouldn't want to be associated with Bond films.
It was some time ago, but I feel sure I read an interview once where he said it’s exactly what he did want.
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