Los Angeles meet-up


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I will be coming out to LA the first weekend in May. I would like to meet as many fellow Morrissey fans as possible. Feel free to send me a private message or i'm on AIM- kimvicious29. :)
Well, Ms or Mr. appleblonde
There's a DragQueen club 2 blocks from where I live called 7969, also a homoerotic club called Fubar just around the corner ( with hot young go-go boys walking and dancing around wearing nothing but colored jockstraps and leather combat boots....plus gay porn playing on numerous screens throughout the building.....so I've heard)

If you're into any of this or would like to experience it for the first time......come on over and we shall discover it all together ;)

That's WeHo for ya! ........there has to be at least 20 gay clubs w/in a 2 mile radious of my place and they are totally unavoidable, I drive by at least 10 going to work down Santa Monica Blvd......My poor virgin mind can only imagine what goes on inside those clubs.

Or we can just go to the beach.:)
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