Maximum Volume review by Damian Sullivan - IANADOAC 9.5/10
by Damian Sullivan

"‘The Truth About Ruth’ has some twinkling piano keys to open this quite dark refrain, a real kind of torch song. A fairly lengthy piece ‘The Secret of Music’ runs at just under eight minutes long and is the penultimate song on the album. I found the rhythmic drum beat with Morrissey`s vocal delivery laid atop quite mesmerising and hypnotic. The song will get into your subconscious, it`s so subtly spellbinding. ‘My Hurling Days Are Done’ closes out this offering and it`s again another reflective track that builds musically and has some graceful almost choral childlike harmonies. I have so say I wasn`t sure what to expect but any misgivings I may have anticipated were overcome. It`s somewhat different musically but still recognisable as Morrissey and a Morrissey back at the top of his game"
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I've noticed there are two new songs on youtube. It's getting difficult to hear a new album in its natural habitat isn't it?



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Stephen !!!! Again.

Nice review, a few caveats but they seem to abandon them in favour of ignoring Moz's eccentricities (which I would agree with).

(don't know the site, so don't know how credible it is).


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Nice review but if you going to try and look clever and use his full name you really should spell it correctly!
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this just shows how silly the geeks 0/5 review actually monorail records shes had her five minutes.


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It would seem like a good wine; Morrissey gets better with age. Maybe, the more you ignore him, the closer he`ll get.
i am not a dog on a chain review

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