Mexican Magazine "Dia Siete" w Moz on cover


Love me outside Mzlicious

Who might lay their hands on the mag, scan it, translate it?

*found on fleabay (therefore name of seller on pic), website hasn't listed it yet


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moz himself might have read this! the seller was, arturo!


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Why did they spell his name Morrisey???? :confused:

Ok, fake......


no hope no harm
Why did they spell his name Morrisey???? :confused:

Ok, fake......

i didnt even notice that. wow.

on the events schedule for the Moz show at the hardrock they spelled his name morrisssey or was it morisssey? either way, i wonder how much bothers him, his name being spelled wrong.


no hope no harm
Why should Arturo be a pwerseller at fleabay who specializes in mexican glamour/telenovelas mags?

arturoagro if you're a bodyguard ... meh!

Verry unlikely, methinks

it was a simple joke. :)


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Its on the site now:

I ran the text description through Google Translate:

Two decades ago, Morrisey left the legendary rock band The Smiths to become an icon of music. When you reach the half century of life, is a compulsive nomad living between Los Angeles and Rome, to shape the philosophy that gives meaning to their lyrics, which reinvented itself. A solitary figure who suffered acutely reflects on their unfortunate lives and roles in society to survive. The icon is celebrated with a new album Years of refusal. In addition, a special report. In sea water is the solution to mitigate the drought and shortages in the country. His one hope for desalination is desert regions and aquifers dry. This Sunday we published a report documenting the latest research by UNAM to improve the process, which will desalinate seawater with diced alternative energy. In another special, the story of journalist Stiege Larsson, who was devoted to writing against the Nazis and the connections between extreme right and the political and financial power in Sweden. At night he wrote novels. He died shortly before the publication of the first volume of his trilogy Milllenium, which is now a global literary phenomenon. And despite the "green" in Mexico showing a sharp increase in its offer of eco-consumers, are still scarce government programs and economic incentives to promote the transformation of the homes in sustainable housing.

The article is there too:

Its a 16mb PDF
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