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One year term on an agreed date, no fixed term period.


Hey Deano, are you not happy with the forums as they are? You got what you wanted as far as this place goes didn't you? Shame that all your "friends" like the Goat and Grim the pie man are banned isn't it lol, toodle pip!

(an old friend x)


It's all good
I joined the team in February 2007, your memory is certainly better than others.

BTW, did you go to Countdown audition?

I did, and came second, although a very poor second. If I get on, I have NO chance. Still, I get to mention Morrissey and have a day out in Manchester. Yes, it's filmed in Quay Street, not Leeds anymore.


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Re: For your interest

What type of person would you say makes a good addition to the team? Are there people interested in becoming a mod now?
Just wondering.

You weren't asking me, but I think that either Wally the Baboon or Paris Hilton would make a great mod.
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